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July 2017, a Digest

Hello all,

Colin and Andrew go on a bit of a political essay kick as they continue season 5 with two new episodes this month. In episode 2, Colin and Andrew discuss Rebecca Solnit's essay, "The Loneliness of Donald Trump." Then, in episode 3, they take on Bret Stephens's opinion piece, "Climate of Complete Certainty."

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The Cluttered Desk Podcast

Episodes this month:

  • S5E2 Preview Episode

  • S5E2: A Critical Discussion of Rebecca Solnit's "The Loneliness of Donald Trump"

  • What we're drinking: Oberon Ale by Bell's Brewery

  • Recommendations: Whiteout Condition by The New Pornographers; Beyond the Station by Annabelle's Curse; the new season of the NPR podcast Invisibilia; Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie; Solnit's reading of "Climate of Complete Certainty" on Slate's Trumpcast

  • S5E3 Preview Episode

  • S5E3: A Critical Discussion of "Climate of Complete Certainty" by Bret Stephens

  • What we're drinking: Goin' Costal IPA from Sweet Water Brewing Company

  • Recommendations: Tana French's The Trespasser: A Novel; Lorde's new album Melodrama; the HBO series Big Little Lies

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