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February 2017, a Digest

Hello everyone,

February has been an especially lively month at The Cluttered Desk!

Season 4 presses on with episode 4, in which Andrew and Colin explore digital identities, grief, and the messianic by discussing LifeAfter, a new storytelling podcast from GE Podcast Theater and Panoply. Episode 5 comes soon after, featuring a discussion of self-care, political disengagement, and social philosophy in light of Arwa Mahdawi’s Guardian piece, "Generation treat yo' self: the problem with 'self care.'"

In addition, The Mixtape returns with track 2, featuring special guest Brian Wakefield, and Jono joins Andrew and Colin to say that The Black Tapes In Review is back, sort of.

Thank you again for following and supporting The Cluttered Desk Podcast. Please find us on the podcast app of your choosing and do not hesitate to rate, review, and subscribe. It really helps.

The Cluttered Desk Podcast

Episodes this month:

  • S4E4 Preview Episode

  • S4E4: Storytelling and Podcasts Part 2: A Digital Resurrection

  • What we're drinking: Red Chair NWPA by Deschutes Brewery

  • Recommendations: Annie Baker's plays John and The Flick; daily newsletters from The New York Times; Axios

  • S4E5 Preview Episode

  • S4E5: Andrew and Colin Try to Stop Hitting Themselves

  • What we're drinking: Pine’hop’le IPA by Evolution Craft Brewing Company; Winter White Ale by Bell’s Brewery; The Hook Grapefruit Sessions IPA by Starr Hill Brewery

  • Recommendations: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman; Bienvenu by daniel couper

  • The Mixtape, Track 2: Blanket Fort by Bad Cover Band Sam

  • The Black Tapes In Review: WE'RE BACK! Well, sort of.

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