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Podcast Update and Episodes from October

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to apologize for the lack of updates on this blog, but we've had a busy month here at The Cluttered Desk Podcast! Andrew is in Scotland and doing well. He should be back in the next few weeks, and we will begin working on Season 4 by the end of November.

Colin has a new project that he's excited about. It's called The Hop-Ons Podcast and it's an Arrested Development review show. The first episode was posted on The Cluttered Desk feed, so please find it on the podcast catcher of your choice.

We have a few additional episodes of our "Andrew In Scotland" series to post, and those should be available in the next few weeks.

Thank you again for following us! Please contact us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email if you have thoughts or suggestions for the show!

The Cluttered Desk Podcast

Episodes this month:

  • Black Tapes In Review: Season 2 Recap

  • Andrew In Scotland Volume 3

  • A Special Preview of The Hop-Ons Podcast

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