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The Black Tapes In Review: Season 2 Recap

Welcome to The Black Tapes In Review, a Black Tapes discussion special sponsored by The Cluttered Desk Podcast! These special episodes will cover the new season of The Black Tapes as they are released over the next few months. For these specials, Colin and Andrew are excited to welcome Jono, a recurring guest from The Cluttered Desk Podcast, as a permanent co-host.

These episodes are meant to be heard after each episode of The Black Tapes, so please try to stay caught up because we will spoil episodes from week to week!

You can find The Black Tapes iTunes feed by searching iTunes for “The Black Tapes.”

You can find The Black Tapes website here:

Please get in touch with us on social media. You can find Andrew on Facebook and Twitter and you can find Colin on Twitter. You can find the podcast on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Instagram. Don't hesitate to email us at our email address, Finally, we would like to thank Daniel Couper and Meghan Groves for creating, curating, and operating our Facebook page and Instagram account.

We would like to thank Test Dream for supplying The Cluttered Desk Podcast's theme music. You can find Test Dream at their website,, on Facebook, and on Twitter @testdream. “The Black Tapes In Review: Season 2 Recap” is available through iTunes. We are also on Stitcher and now Google Play!

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